Need for audits by customers is again carried out at Medion Plastic. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the audit carried out by one of the customers was again carried out virtually, namely by PT Perusahaan Dagang and Afiat Pharmaceutical Industry. The audit implementation is not much different from the audit carried out by other customers when conducting an audit during the Covid-19 period. The audit process is carried out by utilizing live video technology which is directly guided by a team from Medion Plastic. The goal is to see firsthand the atmosphere of the factory / plant where products are produced, the atmosphere of the factory and other activities according to the wishes and directions of the customer. However, even in a pandemic, audit continuity continues to run smoothly and in accordance with customer expectations. After the audit, it is hoped that the relationship and cooperation will be more closely intertwined and will be better in the future.

Virtual Audit of PT Afiat Pharmaceutical Trade and Industry Company