We must be familiar with this one. We can find plastic everywhere. Both on objects that we use everyday such as household furniture, vehicles used, computer equipment and other objects that contain plastic in their use. Plastic has an important role in human life and cannot even be separated from its use. We can even feel the benefits ourselves from using plastic.


Various kinds of plastic

Here are some of the benefits of plastic:

– As a packaging bottle

– Food packaging

– For craft

– For household appliances

– Automotive equipment

– Storage container

– And other uses


From some examples of the benefits of plastic, there are many more benefits of plastic that can be felt. But unfortunately, the use of plastic that we find everyday, is it wise to use plastic? With so many benefits, it has become one of the biggest environmental pollutants due to its unwise use and the lack of waste or plastic waste processing. World Bank data, from the level of plastic waste pollution in the world, cities in the world produce up to 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste every year. The World Bank estimates that this number will increase to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025.

Pollution from plastic waste

We know that the important function of the use of plastic. But of course we must be wise about the life of the environment and life on earth. So that plastic does not become the biggest pollution and we must be involved in reducing plastic waste.

Use packaging wisely

Benefits of using plastic wisely:

  • Help save the environment
  • Save more expenses
  • Make clean and tidy
  • For future environmental sustainability
  • Become a work of art that is processed from plastic waste

Examples of reuse plastic waste :


Hanging Garden

Hanging garden



Medion Plastic itself has a policy in managing waste to protect the environment. By recycling waste wisely and in accordance with procedures so as not to harm the surrounding environment. Where Medion Plastic has been certified as an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015). Let’s love our environment starting with ourselves wisely using plastic packaging that we usually use everyday. Let’s go green & go healthy.

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Benefits and Wise Use of Plastic