DOC Feeder (DF)



DOC FEEDER is an innovative feeder from Medion for chick (DOC)

Ergonomic design. The dimensions are well-suited for chicks, so optimum feed intake can be reached.
Chicks can not get in eating area, so the feed will always clean and hygienic. Feed quality can be maintained and spreading of germs from litter and feces can be suppressed.
With DOC FEEDER, chicks feeding more efficient because this feeder has narrow eating area that eliminates the scratching out of feed.
DOC FEEDER is made from genuine materials so it is durable and become a profitable investment
for farm businesses.
Safe from contamination of other animals such as flies, mice, etc.
Fresh feed in DOC FEEDER attracts chicks to eat.

Dimension of plate           : Ø29,8 x 4,2 cm
Dimension of assembly   : Ø29,8 x 19 cm
Feed capacity                     : 3 kg
Chick feeding capacity     : 50-80 chicks

Can be sold separately without the lid or one set with the lid.

DOC Feeder (DF)