As a company that continues to explore business potential, Medion Plastic collaborates with various companies, one of which is PT Erlimpex. On January 17, 2024, PT Erlimpex conducted an audit by visiting the Medion Plastic factory in Cimareme, Bandung. Besides being a tangible form of collaboration, this activity is also a gathering event for Medion Plastic with customers.

During the Audit Process

The audit began with a plant tour of the production floor to observe in detail the flow of the product manufacturing process. PT Erlimpex inspected material receipt, production planning, production process, product storage, and distribution as well as other supporting processes. PT Erlimpex highly appreciates Medion Plastic’s cooperation and cooperative attitude during the audit. The audit results showed that Medion Plastic has a research-based production facility and a strict quality control process that produces a variety of high-quality plastic products.

Souvenir Giving by Medion Plastic Team
Medion Plastic thanked PT Erlimpex for the visit and the trust given. This activity is not only a form of assessment but also a momentum to strengthen relationships between companies in building business sustainability and environmental sustainability.
Expanding Business Scope, Medion Collaborates with PT Erlimpex