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Parkesine is a plastic raw material that was first discovered by Alexander Parkes, a British chemist in 1855. Parkesine comes from celluloid fibers of green plants. In 1907, a Belgian chemist named Leo Baekeland discovered bakelite which comes from fossil fuels. One of the innovations from Baekeland is thermosetting plastic; plastics that do not soften when heated and are malleable. The application of this innovation is a number of products such as electrical appliances in the form of plugs, teflon for coating pans, and melamine formaldehyde for plastic plates. Various types of plastic materials that have been developed to date are polyethylene terephthalate, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and others.

In Indonesia, plastic materials began to enter since the World War II or in the 1950s. Due to the characteristics of plastics that are malleable, lightweight, durable and water-resistant, since 1953 many plastic industries have been established in Indonesia. The daily tools produced by the plastic industry include plastic toys for children, combs, toothbrushes and buttons.

The historical journey of plastic raw materials and products has encouraged the plastic packaging production sector to always develop their products, including for Medion Plastic. After more than 25 years of producing and marketing plastic products, especially for the needs of poultry equipment both in Indonesia and abroad as well as plastic packaging for internal needs, Medion has expanded its business in the process of producing and marketing the plastic needs of external customers outside of poultry equipment. Supported by the use of high technology, Medion Plastic is also committed to continuing bring the innovation in product and service development. This is done so that Medion Plastic can always be the best partner in meeting customer needs. Until now, Medion Plastic has collaborated with several industries, such as pharmaceuticals, herbs, cosmetics and other companies to supply their needs of plastic packaging.


The selected materials (virgin plastic) are always used in the production process of plastic packaging. It meets the related industry requirements such as food contact material and does not have chemical reactions (inert), so that it does not cause the changes in color, taste and quality of packaged products.
Product designs that have been standardized and available in various colors that can be ordered according to customer’s needs.
Non-hygroscopic material properties, make the product has good anti-seepage and waterproof characteristics. Suitable for use as packaging for pharmaceutical, herbal and cosmetic drugs because it does not cause a certain odor and it is non-toxic.
Plastic packaging with selected, standardized and hygienic materials is certainly a good support for your main product. Some of the specifications above can be considered in choosing a plastic packaging that is suitable for your needs with our service, Medion Plastic.

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