3D Printing

3D Printing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by creating layers of material in stages according to the desired digital design. It allows the creation of complex plastic products with high precision. The first 3D printing technology was developed in Japan and the United States around 1980. It has continued to develop and become increasingly popular in the plastics industry until now.
    The 3D printing process begins with creating a digital design and continues with choosing the appropriate plastic material. This selection process will affect the physical properties, strength, and sustainability of the object to be printed. After that, there is the process of adjusting the structure, setting the temperature, and printing speed. The last process is printing, where the object will be printed according to the specifications that have been determined.

3D Printing Process

3D printing can create product prototypes quickly with relatively low costs. It helps companies to test product functions and designs before mass production. 3D printing technology is also utilized in education to create models and learning tools.

Medion Plastic utilizes 3D printing technology in the prototyping of new product development. With adaptation, creativity, and relentless innovation, 3D printing technology can unlock new potential for a sustainable manufacturing industry. Medion Plastic is committed to providing the best solutions and producing quality products according to customer needs. Equipped with experience and continuous training, we are ready to realize your product vision!

3D Printing Technology of Plastic Products