Nipple Drinker
Specifically designed to supply continuous fresh drinking water
Easy to clean
Decrease stress level of chicken caused by high frequency in changing or adding drinking water
Simple assembly
Can be accessed from all directions (360o)
Most hygiene compared to all type of drinkers

Flexible (can used in pipe ¾” or ½”)
Easy to install (direct installation, without glue)
Removable, without damaging the pipe or the product itself
Low pressure (distance between water source and nipple is about 25-50 cm)
Can be disassembled for cleaning
Has 360° side-action ball for smooth flow of water
Big supply (suitable for both layers and broilers)

Free installation and maintenance guidelines
Drinking capacity    : 2-4 chickens (for battery cage) and 8-12 chickens (for postal cage)

New Nipple Drinker 360 + Cup (NpD-360+Cup)